Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Phone Doodles - Naruto's Sasuke

Drew this while on the phone. Really liked Sasuke's face.

Not really crazy about Naruto, but I've been re-reading it recently. It's better than I remembered.

Anyway, just a doodle. Soon, more stuff. :D

- Gus

Behind the Scenes - Heroes in a Half-Baked Shell

Hey everyone!

Sorry it took so long to update! I don't know if you've seen the new strip at  but we've recently updated with the famous "Heroes in a Half-Baked Shell" strip. If you haven't seen it, go check it out before reading this post!! Spoiler alert!


Welcome back. Now that you've seen the comic strip, let me show you some behind the scenes embarrassing stuff I wouldn't show you ever. The only reason I do is so you can understand how much I like drawing :D

This is the original, very first draft of that strip. As you can see from it's very VERY low quality, it was done on the spot in my notebook.

It was a quite straight forward concept from the beginning. The complicated thing was, the second panel had to have all of the Ninja Turtles characters in it (or at least the good guys). So I got to work and I came up with a second sketch:

Fun fact: Leo's line wasn't actually on the script. I came up with that one because I never knew WTF the Foot Clan soldiers were supposed to be. It got fixed in the final product by the writers. Much better! :D

So as you can see it didn't change much from the original scribble, except by adding all those characters. Now came the REALLY hard part. Putting them all together in actual good quality.

I don't really want to give it out, but here's the final product:

Another fun fact is, the reason Michaelangelo is the one in the foreground is because he used to be my favorite Ninja Turtle. He rocks.

I'm very happy with it. As trivia, I'll say that the reason there's a TV with "Family Guy" playing in the foreground is an inside joke with the writers to repeated very similar situations we experienced... Don't tell anyone I said that.

As a final treat, I'll put up the first idea I had for the first panel. Originally I was very adamant about the fact that I wanted it to be rainy. I mean, I live in New York too, and that's very much what it looks like. In the end, the rain would've made the panel too busy, so I never ended up using it. So now for your enjoyment, my own private rejection, the original panel 1:

That's all for now. Stay tuned for much more coming up!! :D


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