Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Wiseguy Pictures Comic - The last few strips

Hello everyone!

Sorry I was gone for so long. Busy busy busy. But here I am again, and I bring you a small update on the last few strips I worked on.

First of all it's the Lacoste board meeting. This one didn't turn out any different from the original sketch. The only minor change was the character to the right, and I realized this after I finished it. I was actually quite disappointed about that... I really liked this version and I completely forgot about it. Anyway, here's the draft:

The next one was the Buzz Lightyear strip. Of course it's always fun to work on characters as beloved as these, and I wanted to be slightly mean to them, but only because I like them so much. In the original draft, I thought it would be fun to have a kid in it, as in their son or daughter.

As you can see, Jessie is kinda bored-looking and Buzz is all excited about it. I thought it would be fun to take the approach of going with him trying to get excited about saying his motto and all that. But then I gave it a slightly darker twist (but only slightly) and made him older and tired. Same thing with Jessie, to whom I added an element of "white-trash-ness" to add to the joke. Fun fact, I drew this version of Buzz from memory.

He didn't shave, and had an itch.
Very classy.

And so, in the end, Buzz got a little less tired and Jessie, a complete make-over:

So that's pretty much the way it went. I'm much happier with the finished strip than the original concept I had.

The last one is the "Where's Waldo" strip, one of my favorites. It basically remained exactly the same all the way through:

The dad lost a little bit of hair, but the guys at Wiseguy didn't want him to look too old, so I made it brown instead of gray. The designs for the parents, as well as the color patterns on their body and clothes, are all taken from Waldo. You can't see it in the finished version, but dad's pants are the same color as Waldo's.

She also had more titles on the wall!

I'm very happy with this batch, it turned out great. Keep an eye out for the next strip, due out soon! That one also has an interesting story behind it! And of course don't forget to actually check the comic strips on the Wiseguypictures.net website! Hope you like them!!

- Gus

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